Bits & Pieces

I am a Portland girl through and through. I am a native and never plan on leaving, I love this place in the world and granted anywhere I am living is awesome on the sole fact that I am factored into the population Portland almost doesn't need my head count to be rad - almost.

I have a ton of interests but not a lot of hobbies. I lose interest and get bored easily so I know how to do a lot of things half assed, which thankfully is just how I like things done. I learn to do things once then never do them a second time, its a wonder I ever made it to second dates not to mention anniversaries!

I turned 30 this year so that erupts both joy and panic from deep within my soul. Check out the 30/30/30 challenge page to read all about my 30 daily adventures leading up to my recent step into full blown adulthood aka my 30th birthday. I also do a bit of Betty Martha Crocker Stewart Homemaker cooking, baking, crafting that I say I will blog about but probably wont. I am not a consistent blogger but try to stop in and type out some random stuff for your enjoyment as often as I can (which probably wont be often at all).